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Family & Friends

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PDF icon ROOTS (paternal).PDF        Updated! 04-Jun-2004
PDF icon ROOTS (maternal).PDF    Updated! 04-Jun-2004
MY MA & PA                      Updated! 24-Sep-2007
FolderANDREW                       #1 Son, Nicki, Keala & Kian Updated! 15-Mar-2007
SASHA                             #1 Daughter (Apple of My Eye)  Updated! 17-Feb-2005
FolderLAUREN                        #2 Daughter (Lite of My Life)  Updated!  29-Aug-2006
GEOFF   #1 Nephew  Updated! 09-Sep-2011
KIMI                            #1 Niece. 22-Jun-1999
CHRIS & MAYA              #2 Nephew & #2 Niece.  Updated! 04-May-1999
MAYA                                  #2 Niece 03-Sep-2006

L.T. KISHIYAMA              Shoot on, 'cuz. 31-Aug-2006
JJr MIYAMOTO                Bet the house, JJM.  Hint: Irpbcspl 03-Sep-2006


Class Act of '64             My hi-school's webpage

Ri$kle$$ Barry  (B)           RB Sr is a true friend.  RB Jr sings good, too.31-Aug-2006
Rolf's MacMouse (B)      Updated!  Continously                 
Susan Aiu (A)                     Astrologer Xtradinaire Updated! 26-Apr-2007

Leilani (A)                          "Auntie Awesome's" hawaiian language webpage08-Jan-1998
Dr Allie Martin (B)           Doc lives in Kingston, Jamaica Updated! 28-Nov-1998
Michael Ludyga (B)          Mein german freund Updated! 10-Oct-2000
Scott Hughes (B)                Maui fotografer's webpage Updated! 4-Jul-2006
Dana Hartsock (B)            DH's not getting older, he's getting better26-Apr-2000
Andrew Tobias (B)            AT's the money wiz for the rest of us.27-Dec-2000
Tinker (U)                            When I HAD to surf,  Uncle Tinker was in 'OuttaTune, NJ' for me.12-Mar-2001
Charlie Maxwell (U)

Darlene (W)                           Updated! 28-Jul-1998
'Foxy' Franz (W)             Foxy Franz is a good woman & sexy, too
LindaX (X)                           My X-wife's page. Updated! 07-Sep-2006

Ashley (W)                     Updated! 27-Sep-2006
Koko (W)                     31-Aug-2006
A. Lum (B)                          03-Sep-2006

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