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My Hawai`i

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Hawai`i (HI) or "AlohaLand" is heaven on earth, to me.  Awesome music & rainbows, a buffet of onolicious food & women, beautiful languages & much more. I am so "Lucky, I live Hawai`i".
I pray everyone will have a great Hawaiian day -- Aloha, Dizzy Deane

FHB linkBrooke LeeAngela Perez-Baraquio
FHB ad=Y. WOW local gals: Brook Mahelani Lee (Ms.Universe 1997)  Angela Perez-Baraquio (Ms.America 2000)

Blue Diamond hd
Scanning tipsKaanapali Rainbow
Blue Diamond Hd. Scanning 101 by Wayne Fulton. Kaanapali Rainbow by Dizzy Deane

Old Waikiki . Sunset (Jackie Young). Lanikai Sunrise (Jacquelynn Kresman)

Mau`i Wowee. 8-Nov-2004
Honolulu    04-Mar-1999

Panther's Hawaii 22-Nov-1997
Real Estate - O'ahu ...Yearning for a little gra$$ $hack in AlohaLand?7-May-2000
Ray Pendleton's Waterways ...12-May-1999

AU`WE! ...  Brahdah IZ is dead! ... MY tribute to Israel Kamakawiwaole27-Jun-1997
Auntie Mele's music place17-May-1998
Auntie Leilani's Hawaiian language *GREAT*09-May-1999
HARA - Hawai'i Academy of Recording Arts09-May-1999

Fly me ...

Aloha Air01-Apr-1999

Hawaiian Air01-Apr-1999

See AlohaLand thru their eyes

Douglas Peebles (Photographs)2-Jan-2004
Jim Kingwell (Maui artist)10-Jun-2001
Randy J Braun (Photographs) 23-Jan-1999
Virtually Hawaii (NASA) ... the best from space

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