Created on: 17-Jan-1997
Last Changed: 13-July-2001 v1.03

This is a bunch of links to the hardware manufacturers & OEM's I need for support: info, drivers and FAQs.
Adaptec... the "standard" in SCSI boards
Chips & Technologies ... They do video chips. Don't they? Yes!
Chips & Technologies (unofficial site)
Hewlett-Packard (HWP)...Printers, computers etc etc etcetera... on 20-Jun-1997
Hi-Tech Business Machines
Iomega ...ZIP-pity do da & all dat JAZ
Diamond Multimedia...SupraFax modems & Diamond video boards
MicroTek...Does scannerson 20-Jun-1997
Modems: Megahertz
Modems: USRX (US_Robotics) & Megahertz
Toshiba-America...General website
Toshiba-Canada...Additional Assistance & Beta site

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