U$ Government

Created on: 17-Jan-1997
Last Changed: 05-Jan-2000 v1.07

This is where I try get an answer from Uncle $lam who pleadeth "blind, deaf, dumb & voice-mail menu". ... Joke, joke ... these links are better than calling. "OK, 1-800-HURT-ME" & I feel good knowing my tax dollar$ & erected officials are hard at work spending our taxe$. [Sidebar: That they could do twice as good at half my taxe$ is a never-ending story ... usually with a sad ending {grin}.]
Financial Aid For StudentsNewon 23-Jan-1999
US House of Representatives homepageNewon 27-Oct-2000
Library Of Congress
National Archives & Records
US Senate homepageNewon 27-Oct-2000
Social Security Administration
US Postal Service
Census homepageNewon 05-Jan-2001

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