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Mom & Dad
Rest In Peace & Bowl On, Ma. You're a winner in Vega$, in my heart & in heaven, too.

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Dad honorium 97

Left to right: My Ma & Pa's wedding picture; My Ma in '97; the Yamane Ohana at my Pa's honorarium in '97; My Pa standing tall in '97; Me, Andrew, Pa, Joyce, Kimi  & Ma @ Ft DeRussy memorial in Jun '98;

My Dad:

The GREATEST GENERATION's stories are only now surfacing. They promised to say nothing. So they came back, put the war in one secret box in their minds& lived their lives. Until they realized, we should never forget that freedom is never easy nor free.  Thanks to Tom Brokaw, Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg & many more.…We salute & will never forget YOU.

PDF iconThe M.I.S. (Military.Intelligence.Service) finally get honored 01-Jun-1997
PDF iconMore about my Dad's WWII experience.PDF 31-May-2004
PDF iconDad's WWII story.PDF 31-May-2004
JPEG iconMy Dad & General Shinseki.JPG 18-Aug-2006

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