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Linda Katsuki's 1999 Photo Album

LindaK shot a ton of great pix at our 35th class reunion in 1999. Here's a sampling of 26 memorable photos by LindaK with captions by Danny "Aloha" Lyman. ... ENJOY!
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1. A trip in time. If you'd been at this same spot in June 1964, it would have looked the same. Not too many spots left on O'ahu where you can make that claim. 2. From Beauty to Beast: Karyl McElhany Barnes, Pat Quilter, Jack Vellis, Nick Prukop, & Silly Billy, make happy happy for camera. NB: They may have been enjoying themselves also, although that's unconfirmed. 3. Ray Giles,(Hubby of Judy Howard Giles) Candace Lee, Kathy Luter Reimers, Judy Giles, & Kathy's son Barry. Check out the Hawaiian Wedding Mat on the wall. Nice, yeah? 4. Ukulele virtuoso Brian Ka'apana in his own world. Jack Vellis & Nick Prukop kinda, sorta, harmonize & Karyl M. Barnes is wondering how to shake the grip of Bill Sage. Chris Crabb shows off his one hand Hula. 5. Bill Dick, looking a bit too happy, holds up the post that Bill Sage is knocking down. Alvin Ho, asleep at the wheel, & look, Karyl has eluded Sage & is clutching onto Fred Lunt, da lucky buggah! 6. Sylvia Koby Kobayashi Berrington with hubby Bob, & wives of 64 guys. Hoagy Gamble's lovely lady Pat, & Lance (Kippy) Dunbar's sweetie from the Punahou Class of '65, Leslie Hitch Dunbar. 7. Maybe it's the glow of the sunset, perhaps it's the warm & fuzzy feeling they convey, this is my favorite shot of the entire reunion weekend. John Billam-Walker & Hoagy Gamble, looooookeeeen goooood. 8. Cathy Werner, a guest (Jackie Story), & Ming Chew & wife Shirleyanne Hee Chew pose in the comfortable Portlock home of Cheryl Lippman.   [Top of page]  [Home]

9. Bill Yuen, Wendy Warren Wagner, & Sue Givens Finneran. Stick your nose up by your monitor & if you have virtual olfactory downloaded, you can smell the ladies' pakalana lei. 10. Jack Vellis with his fiancee (Perhaps wife by now) Diane on his right, Kathy Chang Ching at Jack's left, & that mountain of a man, Bill Carter. 11. George "Studmeister" Engebretson having kau kau with Leslie Reile Higson. 12. Now look, Leslie is eating with Jack Vellis & his wahine, Diane. Leslie must really miss Hawaiian food.
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13. Jeff Nishi leans in for a better view, Brian Ka'apana offers encouragement, Sheldon Tyau gapes in awe, George Engebretson stands stunned, & Ray Giles is astounded as Laurel Murphy begins her strip tease Hula. 14. Here's Laurel, at the beginning of that Hula, as Carolyn Lundquist Toland giggles. 15. Leigh Wai Doo, "Dutch" '65 White, Laurel Murphy, George "Award Winning Author" Engebretson, Bill "W.P." Johnson, Brian Ka'apana. 16. Minus Fred, it's the Fred Lunt House Band, starring Pat Quilter on ukulele, the melodious voices of The Leilani & Billy Duet, & backed on guitars by Bill "I wannabe a Beatle" Dick & Andy Tong.
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17. At the last official function of the 35th reunion, of that Class Act of 1964, the theme seems to be hiding from the camera. Seen behind those shades is Leslie Reile Higson, & under the sombrero, could it be Bill Sage, with cel phone at hip? 18. What else could be said about this photo except looking pretty in pink, it's none other than Connie Pinkerton. 19. Candace Lee Lee & her son. 20. Full time chef & part time architect, Jeff Nishi, goes beyond the call to make life comfortable for others. He's the MAN!!! 21. 64ites chillin' on the hot sands at Malaekahana. 22. Wanna feel old Hawaii? Gaze at this pic of Mike "Trustee" Pietsch's Hale at Malaekahana. Mike has graciously allowed us to party there, whether we ask him or not.... NOT! 23. The Alumni House up on Rocky Hill with: Gayle Hong, Beryl Bailey Blaich, Danny "Fuzzyface" Lyman, Dr.Gary Blaich, John Kiner (Hubby of Marilyn Kometani Kiner) Fredna "Sandy" Yim Cobb-Adams, & Elva "Peanut" Peterson Moore. 24. Fredna & Elva, Marilyn Kometani Kiner, Wayne "Land Shark" Nasser, Beryl, Bill "He's Everywhere" Sage, John Kiner, Bob Berrington, Koby Berrington, the top of Doc Blaich's head, Gayle Hong, & Suzanne Kakugawa Ogawa. 25. At the fall gathering of classmates we see Marilyn Kometani Kiner with Sylvia "Kobe" Kobayashi Berrington, & Carol Silva '61.   [Top of page]  [Home]

26. John Kiner, insurance guy, consoles his oldest client, yerz troolee. -- Danny"Aloha"Lyman  [Top of page]  [Home]

© 1999-2000: Linda Katsuki & Punahou Class of 1964.... Picking, choosing, scanning, cropping & webpage by Dizzy Deane Yamane... Captions by: Danny "Aloha" Lyman