Created on: 06-Dec-1997
Last Changed: 04-Aug-2001 v1.03

Hug-OS/2 Chat Room

Welcome to the private "chat room" provided by ParaChat© & sponsored by the Hawaii Users Group for OS/2 (Hug-OS/2©) & our webmaster, DizzyDeane.Note:  To use this page for your own group's chat(s): (1) Coordinate with your "chatters" & "chattees" by fone or Email as to date-time, since this is a "private" chat room. Think of it as a empty room waiting for your party to arrive. , (2) Click on the Chat link on your group's main page, (3) Log-in and (4) Talk story & PAR-TIE!! [grin]. -- DizzyDeane

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