Created: 30-Jul-1997
Changed: 22-Nov-2011 v4.20
Dizzy's Changes
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- Add Hawaii News Now (KGMB/KHNL)
- Change Brown&Co to E*Trade
- Kill Geoff's webpage at his request.
- Add HonoluluGasPrices by ... It's a GAS! GAS!! GAS!!! lol
- Fix 'Susan Boyles. link 2 NA!
- BAD fix.
- Add Host Excellence's 'Counter'. Needs work=NoJoy

- Add RIP Andy Irons to 'My iTunes'
- Update 'Today's Thunk'
- Other 'manini=small kine' stuffs
- Change to 'My iTunes'
- Add link to WillieK's url
- Update 'Today's Thunk'
- Change 'My Favorite Music' to 'My best iTunes'
- Fix 'Today's Thunk'
- Reduce top of page logo this page.
- Kill Kodamatsu (bamboo).jpg. Enlarge my JPGs.

22-Dec-2009: Fix "Today's Thunk'
- Add 'Uncle' Willie K's O Holy Night
- Add Susan Boyle YouTube gig.

bamboo 19-Dec-2006: Continue upgrades
- Andrew's page:
- Add link for Idea (new job)
- Downgrade old (My son, the biker) & 404/dead link (Andrew's webpage)
- Fix Kaela's missing pix
- Resize pix for room
- Add Backpak Dad pix
- Other minor changes:
- Add HolyDog.jpg & more
- Refresh 14-Dec upgrades
- Change my email link(s) to
14-Dec-2006: Upgraded URLs from the bottom up:
- ScrapBOO!
- Managing Yamane
- Family & Friends
03-Dec-2006: Minor changes:
- Shrink my jpgs for more space for real stuffs
- Add some verbage to my Managing Yamane page
02-Dec-2006: Added JibJab link to my homepage since I need a JibJab laff everyday.
- HINT: Start with the JibJab Originals tab. And go from there <yee haw>
Other small changes.
15-Nov-2006: Small webmaster changes:
- Very small.
24-Oct-2006: Minor webmaster changes:
- Update "Today's Thunk"
27-Sep-2006: Small changes:
25-Sep-2006: Minor webmaster fixes:
- Continue upgrading My Hawai`i
- Fix ashley.htm
Upg Managing Yamane page
- Upg Scrapboo.htm page
- Update ... uhh ... more.
Other minor changes as needed.
19-Sep-2006: Upgrade My Hawai`i page
And other manini webmaster changes.
17-Sep-2006: Minor webmaster changes to various pages:
- Put a folder icon where a folder (a page) is needed
11-Sep-2006: Other minor changes....
- To me, 911 is just another work day. 411 would be different. Capiche?
- As it may be for Osama Bin Ladin. But who knows?
09-Sep-2006: Minor webmaster updates
07-Sep-2006: Update F&F:
- Fix my LindaX's page
- Downgrade 'Uncle' Charlie Maxwell
Other minor webmaster type changes
03-Sep-2006: Continue updates to Family&Friends page
- Added link to JJr Miyamoto
- Make a place for Maya
31-Aug-2006: Minor changes & the following:
- Added to my Family&Fiends:
- (a) L.Toshio Kishiyama + link,
- (b) JJr Myamoto,
- (c) 'Ri$kless' Barry + link to RBJr's,
- (d) Ashley,
- (e) 'Koko'
29-Aug-2006: Webmaster changes as needed:
- Homepage:Upgrade LIVE ALOHA logo
- Family&Friends:Upgrade Lauren's page.
23-Aug-2006: Minor changes to My Ma & Pa's webpage
18-Aug-2006: Changes as follows:
- Killed the"search for your name" on my homepage since it don't work.
- Updated My Ma & Pa's webpage (cont)
- Added Dad&Shinseki.JPG
- Changed the StarBulletin link to a PDF just in case.
- Other minor wording changes.
16-Aug-2006: Fix errors from 13-Aug [sigh].
13-Aug-2006: Minor webmaster wording changes as needed,
Upgrade My Ma & Pa's webpage
05-Aug-2006: Minor webmaster fixes.
03-Aug-2006: A webmaster's job never ends <he he>:
- Minor wording changes.
- KILL obsolete & unproductive links:
- FAQ link
- Remove borders around clickable links. Use the mouse finger instead.
01-Aug-2006: Minor webmaster changes
28-Jul-2006: Update my Family & Friends (cont)
24-Jul-2006: Minor webmaster changes
04-Jul-2006: Update Family & Friends page
- Killed 404 Deadlinks: WallyS's
- Fixed links:Scott Hughes
- Downgraded: Daphne
Upgrade My Hawaii page
16-May-2006: Minor webmaster changes to my Money Talks page
14-May-2006: Added link to American Savings Bank on Money Talks page
20-Mar-2006: Updated ANDREW's page for my grand kid#2: KIAN (like Ee-and with a K)
Updated my other links
- Killed most OS/2 links
- Added a link to Spider Hawai`i Surfboards
Other minor webmaster changes as needed
05-Jan-2006: Kill the useless HOL(Hawaii OnLine) counter.
Replaced Today's Thunk.
24-Nov-2005: Fixed hawaiian for come on back often. ma`i means disease. Tanx, ALum.
02-Nov-2005: Minor changes:
29-Oct-2005: Added link for to References page
16-Aug-2005: Changed web host from to on HostExcellence
- Uploaded all webpages & resolved hardcoded references.
21-Jul-2005: Minor wording changes
12-Apr-2005: Minor wording changes
02-Apr-2005: Update my main webpage
"Shrink" JPGs smaller with PMView(Wimp) for faster downloads
Other minor changes
21-Mar-2005: Update My ScrapBOO! page
- Add two(2)MaliBOO wedding pix
Other minor changes
03-Mar-2005: Change Today's_Thunk
Other minor changes as needed
24-Feb-2005: Upgrade my Surf & Weather page
- Kill 404 dead links
- Other minor changes
21-Feb-2005: Fix#2 Sasha's webpage for 'cakelava' name
- Change Today's Thunk
- Other minor changes.
17-Feb-2005: Update Sasha's webpage for new link
- Update all "parent" links
19-Jan-2005: Small webmaster changes:
05-Jan-2005: Minor wording changes:
03-Jan-2005: Miscellaneous upgrades:
- Managing Yamane:
- LindaX's webpage
- ScrapBoo!
31-Dec-2004: Minor changes:
- Kill YAHOO! web create URL, no one uses it.
- Other changes as warranted.
27-Dec-2004: Upgrade my URL for the NewYr:
- Replace the FU-Bush jpg with kadomats.jpg
- Change Thunk for the day.
17-Dec-2004: Minor changes
08-Dec-2004: Fix stuffs
Other minor changes
05-Dec-2004: Add 'Surf_J-Bay in May' to Breaking News
Other minor changes
03-Dec-2004: Upgrade Sasha's webpage
Other minor changes
28-Nov-2004: Upgrade my home page:
- Minor wording changes
- Kill the 'Create Yahoo! homepage' link
23-Nov-2004: Upgrade my 'Managing Yamane'
Other minor changes
22-Nov-2004: Upgrade Sasha's page for Sasha&Rick's KakeLava
Other minor changes
16-Nov-2004: Upgrade my home page
- Shrink the fake TIME magazine cover to fit W's size
- Other minor Changes
12-Nov-2004: Upgrade my home page
- Other minor changes
10-Nov-2004: - Kill useless 404 dead links on my homepage
- Other minor changes
08-Nov-2004: Upgrade 'My Hawaii' page:
- Fix bad 'new' icon
- Kill the 404 (dead) PlanetHawaii link
- Other minor changes
Upgrade 'MAUI Wowee' page
- <s>Strikeout</s> 404 links
- Fix 'new' icon
- Other minor changes
Upgrade 'Breaking News' page
- Add link to AlohaAir inflite mag
- Other minor changes
Upgrade my home page
- Minor changes
07-Nov-2004: Upgraded my:
- Main page with a funny, politically nasty TIME cover
- Killed the useless SpamCop thing
- Money Talk$ page
- Breaking News page
- Added KHON2 news link
- Killed dead or useless links
Other minor changes as needed
14-Oct-2004: Updated 'Thunk For Today'
Other minor changes
28-Sep-2004: Updated 'Thunk For Today' to reflect the latest hurricane pounding FL
Fixed 'Dizzy's Changes' page for bad Created & Changed
Other minor changes.
21-Sep-2004: Updated my "Managing Yamane" webpage
- Added Andrew's pix of Me&Keala to ScrapBoo!
- Added stuff to Family&Friends
- Upgraded Sasha's webpage:
- Kill the Matador link
- Moved Sasha's old pix to the bottom
- Added Rick+Sashs+Mandy pix
- Other minor changes
- Other minor changes.
03-Sep-2004: Changed Today's_Thunk for Hurricane Frances
Other minor wording changes.
Note: My version# "counter" passed went from 0.99 to 1.00. Big deal, who cares! This means since the yr
2000 when I reset it (see way below), I changed my URL 100 times. Unlike those who obfuscate their
version#s with "build#s, SvcPak#s etc", I just add 1 or .01. And when it goes from 0.99 to 1.00,
it means nothing, except it's just new. That's all.
21-Jul-2004: Minor wording changes.
02-Jul-2004: Upgrade:
- Added link to FREE Live Aloha bumper sticker. Tanx, GEOFF.
28-Jun-2004: Upgrades:
- Minor wording changes
- Reset my changes counter from 2000.9x to 0.9x
18-Jun-2004: Update:
- Today's thunk for 9/11 findings.
14-Jun-2004: Fix bad links for Jasmine & PopCD review in My READ.MEs.
04-Jun-2004: Continue upgrade for Family&Friends + MyMa&Pa as follows:
- Create PDFs for files created on 02-Jun
- Replace My Roots.PDF with separate paternal & maternal PDF links.
- Created by Family Tree Maker software & PDF'd in "hour glass" format
- Replaces my OnLine Family Tree which was a problem.
Other minor changes
02-Jun-2004: Upgrade various pages as follows:
- Upgrade ManagingYamane/Family&Friends/My Roots link for my FamilyTreeMaker.PDF.
- Enable my READ.ME page by creating links to my published articles.
- Show change dates on all pages.
31-May-2004: Upgrade my: "Managing Yamane/Family & Friends/My Ma & Pa" webpage
- To add my brother's (SteveY) great stuff about our dad. [ACROBAT required]
- For the latest HTML coding
- Other minor wording changes
18-May-2004: Minor wording changes.
11-Apr-2004: Upgrade Today's Thunk

08-Apr-2004: Upgrade Today's Thunk
Other minor webmaster changes
02-Jan-2004: Small wording changes to Today's Thunk & my homepage
Update My Hawaii for dead/404 URLs by killing:
- Links to beautiful wahine & More onolicious wahine [.../covermodels]
- Link to Marine Observations
- Price Of Paradise dead link
- Sam Choy's dead URL
- SunStock link
Fix other links on My Hawaii
- Douglas Peebles
Upgrade my ScrapBook page by:
- Adding more pix
- Using PMView
Other minor changes
26-Dec-2003: Changed Today's Thunk
04-Nov-2003: Changed Today's Thunk
Updated MikeL's URL on ManagingYamane/Family&Friends
Updated ManagingYamane (MY). *THIS IS A BIG UPGRADE*
- I created a new page aka ScrapBook so MY will load faster. ... Enjoy!
FYI, I'm back to "basics" using OS/2 because it's reliable, solid & backwardly compatible.
- Instead of wasting time trying to make WimpX & MacOsX work
- "BackwardlyCompatible [BC]" is, I think, not recognized in MSFTs or APPLs dictionary.
11-Aug-2003: Changed Today's Thunk
Updated my ManagingYamane page
Other minor wording changes.
09-Aug-2003: Updated the following:
- Lauren's URL by adding the USGS link & other minor changes
- My Friends&Family page by restructuring the page for the future, including:
- Adding 2 new sections: (1) OHANA & (2) 404
- Today's Thunk
Other minor webmaster changes as needed.
07-Aug-2003: Change Today's Thunk
Minor wording changes
29-July-2003: Fix my main page by killing a bad link & unneeded FreeStats links to load faster
Change Today's Thunk for Bob Hope
Other minor webmaster stuff
22-July-2003: Minor Webmaster changes
12-July-2003: Kill dead links & other changes on my MoneyTalk$ page.
Upgrade my ManagingYamane page
Change Today'sThunk
Other webmaster changes
28-June-2003: Update Breaking News page by:
(a) Adding ActiveTraderMagazine to the Monthly section,
(b) Moving KITV
Kill hugos2ms.htm (Member URLs) since it was never used:
12. 404:
Kill the bad links in wp26.htm
13. 404:
14. 404:
15. 404:
Kill the bad links in dizfaq.htm
16. 404:
17. 404:
18. 404:

12-June-2003: Update Today's Thunk
24-May-2003: Update Today's Thunk
Confirmed the following are dead&gone (aka 404):
7. 404:
8. 404:
9. 404:
Killed the following 404s -- dead links:
10. 404:
11. 404:,37
17-May-2003: Minor wording changes
12-May-2003: Update Today'sThunk & fix:
4. 404:
5. 404:
6. 404:
06-May-2003: Update Today'sThunk & other webmaster changes
04-May-2003: Update Sasha's webpage & other minor changes.
14-Apr-2003: Update Today'sThunk
28-Mar-2003: Update Today'sThunk
19-Mar-2003: Update Today'sThunk
Book 404 bad links for killing as follows [sigh]:

19. 404:
20. 404:
21. 404:
22. 404:
23. 404:
24. 404:'
25. 404:
26. 404:
27. 404:
28. 404:
29. 404:
30. 404:
31. 404:
32. 404:
33. 404:
34. 404:
35. 404:
36. 404:
37. 404:
38. 404:
39. 404:
40. 404:
41. 404:
42. 404:
43. 404:

01-Mar-2003: Kill bad links using's Alexa Associate Site Report as follows:
1. 404:
2. 404:
3. 404:
03-Feb-2003: On Rolf's webpage, add his Waikiki Grand rental link & other minor changes
Change today's Thunk to reflect the Columbia disaster.
27-Jan-2003: Add link to SpamCop to my main page
Update my Managing Yamane page:
- Add 196x ChallengerEasternSurfboards JPG
- Add JPG of Lauren & me @AlanWong's Sep-01
- Other minor changes
Updated Andrew's page in Family & Friends also in Managing Yamane
- Killed bad link to Seattle Genetics Goes PhaseII (Use GOOGLE)
- Killed caption for non-existent picture of Andrew&Nicki (Gotta get my scanner working!!)
04-Jan-2003: Added link to my review of Jasmine & PopCD! to my main page
Other minor changes
01-Jan-2003: Added Kadomatsu (Japanese good luck door hanger for the New Yr)
- Note: "Kadomatsu" translates literally to "Gate Pine", implying a guard
for the house for the new year. The bamboo represents flexibility,
the pine with its pointy needles represents power to protect the
the family, and the cording signifies the union of heaven and earth.
Fix my Managing Yamane page
Other minor changes as needed
30-Dec-2002: Updated the following:
- Andrew's webpage for Kaela, added Andrew's webpage, killed the 404 link to Hutch Petersdorf
- My Family & Friends page: Rearrange & other minor changes
- Changed Today's_Thunk & other minor fixes on my main page
16-Nov-2002: Add my hi school webpage to DizzyDeane's QikLinkz section
Change Today'sThunk
Fix Family&Friends page
Other minor changes
22-Aug-2002: Conformed my webpages for changes to the links at the top & bottom of each page:
- Breaking news, my homepage,
- Note: The changes include, but are not limited to [grin]:
- Killing the apostrophe in MyHawaii since in the Hawn language it's opposite.
- Putting my quicklinks (see above) in alpha order, i.e., OtherSites before References
- Minor wording changes
05-Jul-2002: Changed Today'sThunk & other minor webmaster changes
21-Jun-2002: Kill links to Xs in Family&Friends
07-Jun-2002: Minor wording changes
05-Jun-2002: Minor wording changes on various webpages
20-May-2002: Upgrade WP15.htm for latest fhbonline
04-Mar-2002: Upgrade my URLs to latest specs: wp15
27-Feb-2002: Minor changes to my webpages: index, wp5, wp3
22-Feb-2002: Updated my pages for FreeStats' tracking code:
- index, wp1, wp3, wp4, wp5, wp6, wp8
Fixed this page by replacing spaces with tabs where needed
Other minor wording changes
15-Feb-2002: Updated my Family&Friends page by:
- Changing Sasha's page: Added new link & Other minor changes
- Added a new page for my friend Foxy Franz
Other minor webmaster changes to reflect the above
09-Feb-2002: Updated my Roots (geneology) page:
- Add link to my roots
- Kill the FamilyTreeMaker link since it's the same as Genealogy
- Add link to
- Upgrade to my latest "specs"
- Rearrange links
- Minor wording changes
06-Feb-2002: Minor changes as follows:
- Search Engines page (see References >Surfing the net>Search Engines):
- Killed dead link for Profusion
- Added comments for clarity
- Added link for the best of the best GOOGLE
01-Feb-2002: Minor changes to my website as follows:
- Forget RECIPES (11/23/01). It musta been a *great* Merlot
- Main page:
- Change "Today's thunk",
- Move up "Managing Yamane" & move down "My Hawai'i" for EZer surfing,
- Kill all NetMind links since the new owner killed it in Jan-2002
- Tweek it: Edit words, Move tings up, down & all around
- My_Hawai'i page: Put links on top, too
15-Jan-2002: Minor changes to my webpage
11-Dec-2001: Update my Breaking News page by:
- Changing the Brown&Company link to the new&improved
- Putting the Investor's Business Daily link up top
23-Nov-2001: Upgrade:
- Andrew's webpage for new jpg
- Family&Friends
- My main page
Create RECIPES page
- My Hawai'i page for above
23-Oct-2001: Minor upgrades
17-Sep-2001: Added to Today's Thunk
14-Sep-2001: Changed Today's Thunk to reflect the madness surely growing
14-Aug-2001: Tweeked (aka manini changes) my webpages
- Reflect changes on "child" pages including, but not limited to [I forget]
08-Aug-2001: Updated my Surf&Weather page by:
- Adding links to *AWESOME* & Surfcheck (yawn)
- Replacing Surflink's North&South shore links with one due to surflink changes
20-Jul-2001: Fix GOGGLE to GOOGLE & link
13-Jul-2001: Updated my main page by:
- Changing Today's Thunk
- Adding GOGGLE search to my REAL TOOLS section
Updated Sites by:
- Fixing HewlettPackard's link
15-Jun-2001: Updated Sasha's webpage for the Food&Wine 10 Best New Chefs article about Johnathan Sundstrom
- Kill unneeded links & other minor changes
Changed the Thunk for the day
10-Jun-2001: Updated Jim Kingwell's page
- Added Up Country Maui, added link to JK's URL, minor wording changes
Changed my "Today's Thunk"
Other minor changes
04-Jun-2001: Changes to Chau's webpage
- Fixed spelling of her name (90% done)
- Added & changed main photo
- Expanded verbiage
28-May-2001: Updated my main page by:
- Upgrading "Today's Thunk"
- Killing Go_direct_ to_ManagingYamane link [yawn-NEXT!]
Updated Managing Yamane
Other minor changes [sigh]
18-May-2001: Added more pix to Chau's page & other minor changes
17-May-2001: Update my Family&Friends page
- Added link to My Family Tree on (requires permission from me)
- Created a page for Chau
02-May-2001: Changed the Thunk-for-Today
24-Apr-2001: Changed the Thunk-for-Today
23-Apr-2001: Killed the Linksynch link since it always hangs ... NEXT!
Added another Saito's review to Sasha's page
17-Apr-2001: Added a new Saito's link to Sasha's page in my Family&Friends page
11-Apr-2001: Added invisible counters by for certain pages
09-Apr-2001: Changed the Thunk-for-Today & other minor changes on the main page
Changes to *this* page:
- Enlarged the JPGs of Me-Doing-BIZ on this page
- Other minor tweeks
Updated My_Family&Friends page
- Replaced link for LindaX with her own page
Other minor webmaster changes:
- For the above
- Upgrade to my current standards
24-Mar-2001: Added a JPGs of me doing "BIZ" to this page
Other minor changes as needed
18-Mar-2001: Tweek the Thunk for today

13-Mar-2001: Added counter (invisible to you) to my: main, Punahou'64 & Hug-OS/2
- provides a "total total" counter for all three pages for me
- upgraded all counters to disregard my hits
- Note: I highly recommend's counter. FREE & GREAT!
12-Mar-2001: Upgraded the hit counters from to on:
- My main page
- Punahou'64
- Hug-OS/2
- Family&Friends
Killed all links to's SuperSite (no lo$$)
- Note: All of the above is 'cuz MyComputer wants to charge$!
Added UncleTinker's link to my Family&Friends page
Changed Today's thunk with tanx to CaryGrant & WayneBenedict
07-Mar-2001: Upgraded Kahea's webpage
05-Mar-2001: Updated Today'sThunk
Added page for Kahe'a to my Family&Friends
Other minor changes
03-Mar-2001: Updated Managing Yamane page:
- Minor wording changes
28-Feb-2001: Minor changes
23-Feb-2001: Minor wording changes
17-Feb-2001: Updated my Reference page:
- Split the Free Health & Fitness links into two(2) links
Changed Today'sThunk
Other minor changes
01-Feb-2001: Minor changes
31-Jan-2001: Updated my Reference page:
- Added's link for Dictionary, Encyclopedia, Thesaureus & more
- Added SandwichIslandsGenealogicalSociety (SIGS) link to my Roots page
Other minor changes
23-Jan-2001: Upgrade my AlternativeLoveConnection link to Altmatch
Other minor changes
18-Jan-2001: Kill S.Aiu's angel links
Upgrade Dizzy's Shopping Mall
- Minor wording changes
Other minor webmaster changes
16-Jan-2001: Upgraded my index.html "front page" by :
- Tweeking the words on my preface for concise-ness,
- Adding a link for,
- Upgrading Managing Yamane to be more obvious,
- Moving the ads to use less space
- Changing Today's Thunk with tanx to Wayne Benedict
Other minor webmaster changes
10-Jan-2001: Upgraded Today's Thunk
05-Jan-2001: Upgraded my U$ Government page:
- Added link to the Census Bureau page
04-Jan-2001: Upgraded Today's Thunk & Angels
Other minor changes
27-Dec-2000: Replaced & logos to surround me with angels with links
Added AndrewTobias to my Family&Friends page
Upgraded my Thunk for the daze
Other minor changes
24-Dec-2000: Added Bruddah Wally Soares' website to my Family&Friends page
Added Bruddah Teddie Hoffman's webpage to my Family&Friends page
Updated my Managing Yamane page to reflect above
Other minor changes
22-Dec-2000: Minor changes
21-Dec-2000: Add Lands'End SantaClaus for Xmas to my main page
Upgrade Today's thunk to reflect our hard landing
Other minor changes
17-Dec-2000: Upgrade 'Today's thunk' on my front page
Upgrade Susan Aiu's (Astrologer Xtradinaire) webpage on Family&Friends
Upgrade Family&Friends page
Other minor changes
12-Dec-2000: Put order link up top
Other minor changes
03-Dec-2000: Upgraded my My Money Talk$ page to my new standards
Upgraded Managing Yamane
Upgrade Breaking News page by:
- Killing the "Dead & Gone" section -- RIP.
- Making it EZier to navigate on my website with links up top
Upgraded my main page by
- Replacing the logo links with links
since stopped paying. ... NEXT!!
Other minor changes
30-Nov-2000: Add Maui99 JPG to my Managing Yamane page
Upgraded my Family & Friends page
Upgraded References & LookUps page
Other minor changes
17-Nov-2000: Downgrade The KITV HawaiiChannel link on my Breaking News page
Other minor changes
13-Nov-2000: Update Jim Kingwell's page with Wailea Moon
Minor changes
11-Nov-2000: Added link to Hawaii Cover models in My Hawaii ... WOW-ZAH!!
Other minor changes
09-Nov-2000: Changed Thunk for the day
Other minor changes
04-Nov-2000: Added TheHawaiiChannel to Breaking News
Added link to the Hug-OS/2 Chat Room
Other minor changes
27-Oct-2000: Updated the U$_Government page in References & Lookups
Updated References & Lookups page
Updated Main page
Other minor changes
25-Oct-2000: Updated Andrew's homepage for SG's PhaseII article in Family&Friends
Updated Thunk for the day
Other minor changes
23-Oct-2000: Updated Thunk for the day
Updated My Hawaii for Angela Perez-Baraquio -- Miss America 2000
10-Oct-2000: Updated Family&Friends with the following:
- Michael Ludyga's homepage
- Dates (webmaster tasks)
Updated Managing Yamane
Updated Main page
04-Oct-2000: Updated Class Act of 1964 webpage
- See the changes in the special pageFamily&Friends:
- Sasha's page: Replaced Saito's link with new homepage
- Andrew's page: Added: SeattleGenetics & UW link + other changes
- My Book of Changes (This page)
- My "main" page
- Managing Yamane
Other minor webmaster changes
20-Aug-2000: Changed the Thunk for the day
19-Aug-2000: Upgrade my main page by:
- Revising the NetMind's Mind-It & Search links to take less space
- Creating a new section for visitor tools
- More "tweeking" for the new melenium. I think my page looks better sofah [Sigh]
- Changing the MyYAHOO! description. If I didn't have a homepage I'd YAHOO! one.
05-Aug-2000: Upgrade Mind-It! and My main page (Try again [sigh]) to:
- Downgrade the S**#erSite pile o'JavaS**pt to the very bottom
- Move the good ads from the top (ugh!) above the bottom of the pile of JavaS**t
- Other minute webmaster type changes & fixes
Basically, this is a "rearrange" the furniture thing -- Waste of time, but ... I hope it loads fast
03-Aug-2000: Remove Hurricane DANIEL **ALERT** link
01-Aug-2000: Upgrade IBM AS/400 & S/3x page
- Add URL for System 3x/4xxx Warehouse links page
30-Jul-2000: Upgrade the Surf & Weather page
- Fix links to NOAA NatlWeatherSvc and The WeatherChannel
- It must be the weather :-)
Upgrade Breaking News
- Rearrange to reflect heavy users up top
29-Jul-2000: Upgrade my main page to/by:
- Reduce load time by adding non-JavaScript banners to the top of the page
- Add **ALERT* link to NWS's Hurricane DANIEL webpage
- Add URL for MyYAHOO!! your YAHOO!!
- Upgrade link to Dizzy's List of Changes & conform page
27-Jul-2000: Upgrade my Surf & Weather page as follows:
- Add a link for Paul Britton's MSN Hurricane_Central chat place
- Put the important surf section up top and the weather (yawn) below
- Other minor upgrades to the page
Tweeked My Hawaii page
- Upgrade my AU'WE!! B-IZ page for both braddah & bruddah
17-Jul-2000: Rearrange the furniture to reduce load time on My Main page
Other webmaster changes
15-Jul-2000: Changed the Updated5.jpg icon to red text to reduce graphics overhead on:
- My main page
- Family&Friends
- Managing Yamane
Other minor changes
14-Jul-2000: Changed Thunk for the day and other minor changes
01-Jul-2000: Upgraded my Shopping webpage to Dizzy Deane's Shopping Mall [sigh]
- Dropped a bunch of junk links
- Added a few of my favorite "stores"
- Added my comments
- And more minor webmaster changes
Upgraded my Homepage
Upgraded the updated5.jpg icon
Upgraded my Managing Yamane wepage
- Put the pix at the bottom of the page to reduce the "load-time"
30-Jun-2000: Minor changes to my homepage
Fixed "Hibiscus" link in My Hawaii for WayneFulton's ScanningTips webpage
25-Jun-2000: Changed my Thunk for the Day
Minor changes as needed
24-Jun-2000: Updated my Surf & Weather page
- Added Surfline's SouthShore & Pipeline videocams
- Added link to my Surfing page
Updated my Money Talk$ page
- Changed Chase link to go directly to Account sign-in page
- Changed Citibank link to go directly to account sign-in page
- Deleted MECA link since it's an B2B site for their bank clients
- Added Sprint PCS link
10-Jun-2000: Changed the Thunk for the Day
Added link to Michael Ludyga's webpage for me in Managing Yamane
Upgraded my pix using MichaelL better one. Adjust size on my index.html
Other changes
09-Jun-2000: Added Michael Ludyga's lastest homepage to his webpage in Family&Friends
Other changes as needed
08-Jun-2000: Added Saito's to Sasha's webpage in Family&Friends
Added pix of Lauren, me & Sasha to Managing Yamane
Updated dates on "parent" pages (Ie. those pages affected by all my changes [sigh])
Other minor changes
07-Jun-2000: Reinstated improved One&Only logos (Personals) to my homepage (see 25-Apr below)
Upgraded my Surfing page
- Added links to Surfing, SurfersJournal magazines and Surfrider Foundation
02-Jun-2000: Added LindaX foto winner link to my Family&Friends webpage
07-May-2000: Added Real Estate-O'ahu link to My Hawaii
Added Maui County (official yawn) link to Maui No Ka Bestest
Tweeked Andrew's page in Family&Friends
Upgraded C/Net link & deleted NewsWorks in Breaking News
Added the logo & link to my homepage
Other minor changes to reflect the stealth stuffs
03-May-2000: Upgraded Surf Report & Maui No Ka Bestest
- Surf & Weather has a new address
- Added link to Live VideoCams on Maui No Ka Bestest
01-May-2000: Changes to my Shopping page
- Added Victoria's Secret, eBay, B&H Photo
26-Apr-2000: Minor upgrades to UncleEdT's webpage
Changes to My Hawaii page
- Fixed obsolete FirstHawnBank link
- Added my Kaanapali Rainbow photo
- Other minor changes
25-Apr-2000: Changed the Thunk for the Day
Killed the LoveConnection icons because the links were unreliable tonite
Added a page for Uncle EdgarT to my Family&Friends
Other minor changes
09-Apr-2000: Changed the Thunk for the Day
Other minor changes
08-Mar-2000: Killed Oceanic's online TV-Guide. ... Who needs it with Oceanic's awesome DigiTV?
Check my "Video-cams of Waikiki & H-1" link in Breaking News.
- It's been upgraded BIG-TIME with more video-cams & HNL traffic stuffs.
Other minor changes
18-Feb-2000: Added new links to my Shopping webpage in Managing Yamane
14-Feb-2000: Changed the Thunk for the Day
Added Dana Hartsock's webpage to Family&Friends
Added Dana Ludyga's page to Michael Ludyga's page in Family&Friends
Other minor changes
06-Jan-2000: Added SuperStats's banner to my website
27-Dec-1999: Upgraded my webpage for michael-ludyga in Family&Friends
Other minor changes including rearrangement of links
Changed Thunk for the day
19-Dec-1999: Added a picture of Lauren to her webpage
05-Dec-1999: Added NetMind's Search to my Hints&Tips section
Other minor changes
01-Dec-1999: Minor change to Starr's page in Family&Friends
Other minor changes to parent pages
Moved HOTS!! (aka Hints, Other Tips & Stuffs) to Hints&Tips on my intro page
29-Nov-1999: Added to my Breaking News page:
- Oceanic Cable TV Guide -- Don't surf Oceanic without it
- My YAHOO! link <-- GREAT! Make your own with
- My NetScape link <-- GREAT! Do your own Net with
- Other minor changes
24-Nov-1999: Added Daphne to my Family&Friends page
Revised & expanded Tips (now Hints & Tips) near the top
Changed the Thunk for the day for the party-hardy season
Added link to the official SPAM website
Miscellaneous other minor webmaster changes
18-Nov-1999: Minor webmaster changes to my Family&Friends page
- Upgraded SusanAiu's webpage to fix inaccuracies
- Upgraded Family&Friends for accuracy and to eliminate bad code
- Changed the description for MacMouseClub
- Added Shannon
16-Nov-1999: Upgraded "Auntie" Susan Aiu's page in my Family&Friends page
14-Nov-1999: In Breaking News:
- Killed internet c@fe since it's dead & gone
- Added link to the Honolulu Advertiser since it's a new one
- "Re-prioritized" the page for ezier clicking.
- Killed Hug-OS/2 since it duplicates the link on my home page
- Killed Dayle Turner's SportsHawaii link since it's dead & gone
Changed the Thunk for the Day
Added Shannon (aka Starr) to my Family&Friends page
10-Nov-1999: Updated First Hawaiian Bank's URL in Money Talk$
29-Oct-1999: Updated Michael Ludyga's page in Family&Friends
- Michael married Dana in Las Vega$ recently
Changed the Thunk for the day
Other minor changes as needed
13-Oct-1999: Added to Breaking News
Other minor changes to many of my webpages to reflect changes I made
19-Sep-1999: Added Scott Hughes' link to my Family&Friends page (in Managing Yamane)
08-Aug-1999: Changes to Class Act of '64
- Note: Click on the "Changes to this page" link
Other minor changes
07-Aug-1999: Added Sistah/Princess Treena's link to my Family&Friends webpage
Changed the Thunk For the Day
Other minor changes as needed
19-Jul-1999: Created List of Changes for the Punahou Class of '64 webpage
- Note: Future changes will be on a separate list, not here
28-Jun-1999: Changed Thunk for the day
Added LifeSpan to Andrew's webpage
Minor changes to Lauren's webpage
Minor changes to my Family & Friends page
23-Jun-1999: Added the following pix to Lauren's homepage in Managing Yamane|Family&Friends
- Lauren's Outstanding Student grad pix
- The "Elegant 8" hi-stepping into the future
Upgraded my niece Kimi's webpage
Upgraded my Hi-school class homepage for our 35th
Other minor changes
16-Jun-1999: Changed Thunk for the Day
01-Jun-1999: Added links to my Roots site
- Family (LSD's new site)
31-May-1999: Added Blue Mountain Ecards to Breaking News
22-May-1999: Added new link to Andrew's webpage
12-May-1999: Updated My Hawaii
- Added Ray Pendleton's Waterways
11-May-1999: Updated my homepage
- Moved Fun&Games to Managing Yamane since F&G feels better there
- Moved Surfing da Net to References&Lookups since it feels better there
Updated Managing Yamane
- Added Seattle FilmWorks link to my Shopping page
- Added Fun&Games
Other minor changes
09-May-1999: Updated My Hawaii
- Added Auntie Leilani's Hawaiian language & hula webpage
- Added HARA (Hawaii Academy of Recording Artists) webpage
Updated My Family & Friends folder in Managing Yamane
- Added Design Associates Construction's webpage
04-May-1999: Fixed "slow loads" of GIFs & JPGs in Managing Yamane
Changed Today's Thunk for Mothers' Day
Updated My Family & Friends in Managing Yamane
- Minor fix to Auntie SusanAiu's link
- Added my #1 niece, Kimi
19-Apr-1999: Changed the Investors Business Daily link in Breaking News
18-Apr-1999: Changed Today's Thunk
01-Apr-1999: Updated My Hawaii
- Added Fly_Me: AlohaAir & HawaiianAirlines links
- Added DigMeBeach to JimKingwell's page
Changed Today's Thunk
30-Mar-1999: Added 1-800-Flowers to my Shopping page
14-Mar-1999: Added a new pix for my Ma&Pa's page in Managing Yamane
09-Mar-1999: Added a logo link for to my webpage
Updated Mike Saperstein's link for his new URL in Managing Yamane, Bowling
Added ancient pix of me surfing & Andrew-Lauren-Sasha to Managing Yamane
04-Mar-1999: Updated my References & Look-up page
- Added link to the BetterBusinessBureau's webpage
Updated My Hawaii page
- Added link to the City & County of Honolulu,HI's webpage
Other minor changes
03-Mar-1999: Updated my Managing Yamane's Friends&Family page for:
- Michael Ludyga's changes
- Susan Aiu's changes
Changed Today's Thunk for the political realities [grin]
Other minor changes
11-Feb-1999: Updated my TaxLinks page
- Strikeout obsolete TaxDollars webpage. It was a promising beginning.
- Added links to TaxCut & TurboTax webpages
Updated Breaking News:
- Added YEARLY category & My Tax Links folder
Other minor fixes
03-Feb-1999: Added links from my homepage pix to Managing Yamane
25-Jan-1999: Changed my homepage grafix & other minor fixes
Updated Geoff's webpage
23-Jan-1999: Upgraded: RandyJayBraun's link in My Hawaii
Added: FinancialAidForStudents in my U$ Government page
15-Jan-1999: Changed Thunk & NewYear's grafix
12-Dec-1998: Added Lahaina_Harbor to Jim Kingwell's webpage in My_Hawaii
10-Dec-1998: Minor fixes to My Hawaii page
08-Dec-1998: Minor fixes to:
- Sasha's webpage
- Mike Ludyga's webpage
07-Dec-1998: Updated my homepage for the holidaze
Other minor changes
03-Dec-1998: Updated Mike_Ludgyga's homepage for his homepage
Other minor changes
28-Nov-1998: Updated Dr Allie Martin's homepage
24-Nov-1998: Other minor changes
22-Nov-1998: Added Dr Allie Martin to my Family&Friends page
18-Nov-1998: Changed the Thunk_for_the_day
08-Nov-1998: Updated Andrew's webpage
05-Nov-1998: Updated Mike_Ludgyga's webpage
Changed the Thunk for the day
Updated Andrew's webpage
Other minor changes
01-Nov-1998: Created Mike_Ludgyga's webpage to Managing_Yamane\Family&Friends
29-Oct-1998: Updated SusanAiu's webpage
- Added 2 new links and fixed one
28-Oct-1998: Upgraded Family&Friends
(a) Added Sasha's 98 pix & other minor changes
27-Oct-1998: Added C/Net to Breaking News
20-Oct-1998: Upgraded the following:
(a) Managing_Yamane\Family&Friends page
(b) Lauren's page
(c) Andrew's page
01-Oct-1998: Changed Thunk for the day.
Other minor changes
29-Sep-1998: Updated Sasha's webpage
13-Sep-1998: Killed BobTODM's link in Managing Yamane since it's now 404 & history
Fixed Glenn Jame's Maui Surf&Weather Report on my Maui website
Fixed a bad link on Darlene's webpage
Other minor changes
12-Sep-1998: Minor changes on the 'My Hawaii' page
06-Sep-1998: Updated the following in my Surf & Weather folder:
- Glenn James' surf report for his new website
- SNN's webpage is history becuz it's never updated,
Changed OS/2 links
Updated BobTODM's page
Added FastForward/2000 to AS/400
19-Aug-1998: Changed Today's Thunk
- Other minor updates
11-Jul-1998: Added: Dizzy's Love Connection links. ENJOY!
- Dizzy Deane's Love Connection
- Dizzy Deane's Alternate Love Connection
Minor updates to:
- Managing Yamane
- Family & Friends
07-Jul-1998: Updated Auntie Susan Aiu's webpage for her new website address
14-Jun-1998: Minor changes to wp3.htm & index.htm
08-Jun-1998: Killed my Guestbook link since it was rarely used and they want me to pay$!
Updated my Email address to automatically put in a subject when you click it
25-May-1998: Changed Hawai'i to My_Hawaii on my homepae
20-May-1998: Made small, manini changes to my daughter Sasha's webpage
17-May-1998: Added AuntieMele's where to buy music homepage to my Hawaii folder
16-May-1998: Made the 'Live_Aloha' linkable
14-May-1998: Updated ManagingYamane, changed Thunk_for_the_day
12-Apr-1998: Changed Thunk & other minor changes
16-Mar-1998: BreakingNews folder changes:
- Killed Ameritech 'cuz AndyTobias ain't there anymore.
- Killed PCWeek. I call it PCWimps.
- Added Brown&Company's website. Becuz B&C iz where my money$ iz.
- $5 market? $10 limit orders? On-line trading & rebates too? GADZOOK$!!
My homepage:
- I went back to pure font, typeface for my DizzyDeane logo.
- 'Cuz on a VGA CRT, every GIF & JPG I tried looks like a pile of ****.
27-Feb-1998: Changed the "block_d.jpg" to "big_d.jpg" for a cleaner VGA presentation
Note: The InternetCounter is still way, way off [sigh]. Stay tuned.
Other minor changes
24-Feb-1998: Changed the IC(InternetCounter) to be more accurate
20-Feb-1998: Changed wp5.htm (ManagingYamane) to show pix in chronological order.
Other minor changes
15-Feb-1998: Added: GuestWorld's Guestbook,
Added IC's counter to HOL's counter for stats. Testing
Changed "freespek.gif" to "blu_ribb.jpg"
Added Tips for links to Changes (dizhist.htm) and Guestbook
Changed Thunk_for_the_day
11-Feb-1998: Upgraded wp1.htm (BreakingNews), removed from Monthly section, the following:
- HOL Newsletter
- OS/2 e-zine
Other minor changes
19-Jan-1998: Changed my TaxLinks page
- Make changes "linkable"
Changed my Pop's link to MA&PA folder Ma&Pa folder
18-Jan-1998: Changed my homepage:
- Took down "holiday decorations" & replaced with D_blocks
08-Jan-1998: Added links to my Family&Friends page (WP9.HTM):
- AuntieLei & ClassAct of 1964
21-Dec-1997: Changed Lauren's page (LAUREN.HTM)
13-Dec-1997: Changed SearchEngines folder (WP30.HTM)
- Added many new & better search engines
07-Dec-1997: Added c&myaman.htm (Chris&Maya) to my F&F page
Added pix of Geoff to his webpage
Added pix of Andrew to his webpage
Other minor Webmaster slime changes
25-Nov-1997: Changed bunch of stuffs. Check 'em out
23-Nov-1997: Changed:
- WP1.HTM (BreakingNews)
- SURFREPT.HTM (Surf&Weather)
- WP14.HTM (Fun&Games)
09-Nov-1997: Changed WP2.HTM (HintsOtherTips&Stuffs) for white (#FFFFFF) background
07-Nov-1997: Changed INDEX.HTM for:
- Minor changes
29-Oct-1997: Changed INDEX.HTM to ignore Thunk changes for URL-Minder
- Killed excess verbage about URL-Minder & rearranged
26-Oct-1997: Changed Thunk
15-Oct-1997: Changed from NEW & UPDATED stuffs on grey to similar stuffs on white
- Uploaded NEW9.JPG & UPDATED5.JPG
- Fixed WP1.HTM
14-Oct-1997: Changed: All background colors to white (#FFFFF)
- WP12.HTM (Geoff's page) for his parents' website
- WP9.HTM (Family&Friends) for WP12.HTM
- WP5.HTM (ManagingYamane) for WP9.HTM
- INDEX.HTM for above
11-Oct-1997: Changed:
- INDEX.HTM (homepage) for new Thunk, white bgcolor
- WP1.HTM (BreakingNews) for:
- white bgcolor & minor text changes,
- new AndrewTobias link to
07-Oct-1997: Changed:
- INDEX.HTM (homepage)
- Linked LastChanged to DIZHIST.HTM reducing extra line & confusion
- WP1.HTM (BreakingNews)
- Added HUGOS2.HTM (HawaiiUserGroup for OS/2 homepage)
- Moved BIZ.HTM (BraddahIZ) to WP3.HTM
- WP3.HTM (My_Hawai'i)
- Added BIZ.HTM
02-Oct-1997: Changed: These are minor wording updates to the pages below
- WP1.HTM (Breaking_News) for Waikiki & H-1 Video_Cam.
- Added HOL o'Gram to Monthly section. (October ish) This is a test!
- WP3.HTM (Hawai'i) for Brook_Lee link to HonoluluStarBulletin
- INDEX.HTM for above & changed Thunk
- DIZHIST.HTM for above
28-Sep-1997: Changed:
- My_Hawai'i to reflect above
- INDEX.HTM for above
- WP4.HTM (Mau'i) by adding Mau'i_News link
- and the rest of the above.
26-Sep-1997: Changed: (I'm using the actual FILENAMES in CAPS to reduce my confusion)
- INDEX.HTM is the real page you see at
- Thunk (thought) for the day
- From Wayne Benedict and the Compuserve TAPCIS forum..
- Small text fix to the Mind-It! bar.
- WP1.HTM (Breaking_News)
- Added link to the Honolulu_Traffic_Control daytime video cams.
- Maximum 8 minute delayed video_cam shots of WAIKIKI BEACH & traffic
along H-1 (choke cars all da time) daytime only.
- Mahalo's to my nephew, Geoff, for turning me on to an unreal link.
- If you're half a world away & wanna see Waikiki Beach, look here.
- Wanna check the traffic from downtown to say Hawaii-Kai? View it!
- Absolutely amazing website.
17-Sep-1997: Changed:
- MoneyTalk$ (wp15.htm) in ManagingYamane (wp5.htm) comments
- My homepage (index.htm) for above
12-Sep-1997: Changed:
- Breaking_News (wp1.htm)
- Added Investor's_Business_Daily
- Killed Business_Wire since YAHOO!Stocks does it better
10-Sep-1997: Changed:
- My homepage (index.htm) for changes to:
- Breaking News (see below)
- Link "Onward_OS/2" logo to (caution: loads slow)
- Added dizhist.htm to my homepage as Changes. JUST CLICK ON!!
- Added SNN to Surf & Weather (surfreprt.htm) for SNN under Breaking News
- DIZHIST.HTM for above
07-Sep-1997: Changed:
References&Look-ups folder for:
- Add new Roots folder
- Put FamilyTreeMaker link
- Added MasterGenealogist website
- Added Name-Trace website
- Kill Miscellaneous section & relocate FamilyTreeMaker to roots.htm
My homepage for above
03-Sep-1997: Changed:
References&Look-ups for
Family_Tree_Maker genealogy/roots site
My homepage for above
01-Sep-1997: Updated the following:
Mau'i - Upgrade to current standards
DIZFAQ.HTM - minor changes
My homepage for above changes
29-Aug-1997: Updated the following for Fidelity new website (40bit security enabled):
Updated my homepage
Updated Breaking_News (wp1.htm)
Updated Managing_Yamane (wp15.htm) & Money_Talk$
24-Aug-1997: Updated DIZFAQ.HTM
Added Microtek E3 scanner to My_Hardware
Updated my homepage
Updated wp2.htm (HOTS)
21-Aug-1997: Updated HOTS
Added References&Lookups folder (the same one on my main page)
16-Aug-1997: Updated DIZFAQ.HTM
Updated my homepage
Updated Andrew's page (wp10.htm) for biking result
Changed Family&Friends (wp9.htm)
Changed Managing_Yamane(wp5.htm)
15-Aug-1997: Changed Fun&Games (wp14.htm), index.htm & dizhist.htm
Added Ultimate_OS/2_Games
Added DIZFAQ.HTM to the bottom of my homepage
14-Aug-1997: Changed Bowling (wp7.htm) in Managing_Yamane (wp5.htm)
Deleted Columbia300 since it's no longer for Columbia Bowling balls
Added Best Bowling webpage
Changed my homepage & DIZHIST.HTM for these changes
09-Aug-1997: Changed my homepage to make it easier to maintain.
Changed DIZHIST.HTM for these changes.
07-Aug-1997: Changed AS/400 page in Sites&Links
Added AS/, EastCoastComputer & System_3x/4xx_Warehouse links
Fixed MidrangeComputing link
05-Aug-1997: Added Dizzy's_History to HOTS! Added Twinpeks.jpg to HAWAI'I
01-Aug-1997: Changed Free-Speech, Blue-Ribbon Campaign to linkable
28-Jul-1997: Fixed Hawaii State Tax Collector Link in REFERENCES.
It now links to the Hawaii_State_Government website. Instead of the
Hawaii State Tax Collector link which doesn't work.
27-Jul-1997: Changed BREAKING_NEWS
Moved YAHOO! Astrology & YAHOO!Stocks to
the top of page since I always visit them.
Changed BRADDAH_IZ_IS_DEAD & linked to StarBulletin front page.
Changed HOTS
Changed HAWAII
Added Sam_Choy's website
Added Oahu_Sunset photo
23-Jul-1997: Moved from BREAKING_NEWS to Wall$treet in MANAGING_YAMANE
since YAHOO!Stocks is better
Moved Stockmaster
- Changed BobT's folder name
- Changed "Auntie" Susan_AIU's folder
- Added Crop_Circles link
- Added Art_Bell's occult center link
Added folder for JIM_KINGWELL, Maui artist, to HAWAII page
18-Jul-1997: Added Mind-It! logo & link for Email to users of updates
17-Jul-1997: Changed REFERENCES folder
- Added NASA to U$ Government folder
- Added Safeware Insurance link

Legalese: © 1997-2007: 'Dizzy' Deane Yamane. All rights reserved.