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Here are my FAQ's -- FrequentlyAskedQuestions (say "fax").
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Dizzy's Homepage FAQ

  • What in the world icon does it mean? -- The icon means it's one & only one, link. While a folder icon is a bunch of links. I picked the "world icon" to save massive hours customizing every damn site's icon. Likewise, the "world icon" looks nifty to me.

  • What's a link? -- A link is a pile of gobblygook like this 'http://www.widgets.com/nuts&bolts/others/etc/etc/stuffs.html" . Featured on so many TV commercials these daze. Click & get where you wanna be at warp speed...But don't quote me! :-)

  • How can I tell a link from an eagle, a boogie or tiger on the prowl?-- Usually my links are in blue. Once visited my links turn purple. Everything in black is commentary. [Sidebar: Some nerds call links "earl" (URL) but I like "link", "site", "www", "webpage" or "homepage". ... No matter what the "geeks" bearing GIF's say, they're all the SOS (SameOleStuffs)!] Knowing the difference between an eagle, boogy & tiger is between you &: your caddie. :-)

  • What are you selling me? -- NOTHING, goodbye! ... FYI, my URL was made for me & that remains my focus.

  • So why waste your time? -- My goals remain: A homepage that loads fast, looks good , is feature rich & is current. If you find a special missing link, I'm a happy camper.

  • Then why the counter? --Low counts motivate me to increase the hits (ouch!). So keep hitting me (ouch!)

  • One link = One hit, how? -- First, you must see my link. Then just "bookmark" or "favorite" it.

  • Why does your homepage change so often? -- (a) The world changes? (b) I like to tweek my htms? Or (c) Other?

  • Why do your pix look like c**!?-- My URLs are designed, made, tested & updated on a 800x600 CRT. You may have an old wimpy computer, CRT or both [sigh]. If you're using Wimp, you can change the resolution.

    Dizzy's Hardware FAQ

    Toshiba 430cds laptop ... From the standard T430 1.3gig HD, I PartitionMagic'd a 300meg HPFS partition for OS/2 with the rest (900meg+/-) as FAT DOS. I added 32meg RAM from my prior laptop for the maximum 48meg. Along with a Megahertz modem & Adaptec SCSI adapter. Approximate Street Price$ (ASP$) = $1,700 before my add-ons.

    Adaptec SlimSCSI 1460 PCMCIA adapter... Adaptec's PC Card for laptops. I need the speed of a SmallComputerSystemInterface (say SCSI like SCULLY,John, x-CEO of Apple.). Without adding a board for each new peripheral. SCSI lets you add up to 5-6 stuff per board, all running at litening speeds. Adaptec is *the* SCSI hardware standard. (See also Adaptec's website.) Get a SCSI!! You'll love the speed, simplicity & expandability. ASP$ = $250+/- ... on 18-Aug-1997

    ZIP drive with 100 MEG removable disks ... Everyone should have one. I have a ZIP-SCSI for my daily backup, obsolete & history stuffs. (See also Iomega's website.) If you can't afford both an ADPT SCSI adapter & ZIP, get the slow as molasses in January ParallelPort thang. It's your call. ASP$ = $140+/- plus $12 per 100 megs. ... on 18-Aug-1997

    JAZ drive with gigs ... I absolutely, positively need the massive megs (=gigs?) at winchester, harddrive speeds for WIN bloatware, little used programs, multi-meg downloads and backup of my HD with individual file real time access. BACKUP01 don't make it when I got a problemo. (See also Iomega's website.) ASP$ = $400+/- plus $90 per 1 gig cartridge. ... on 18-Aug-1997

    Megahertz 28.8 Xjack PCMCIA modem ... I needed a faster than 14.4 modem back when. So I bot this before US Robotics bot Megahurts. With a friend's recommendation. And never been sorry. But admit I now hunger for a 2x 56k even if my ISP ain't ready. [sigh] (See also USRX's website.) ASP$ = $275+/- ... on 18-Aug-1997

    Microtek E3 Scanner plus Impos/2... Hint: Click on VideoCapture/Scanners then MKT10 for Microtek E3 Scanner. ASP$ = $300+/- ... on 24-Aug-1997

    Dizzy's Software FAQ

    Here's da Stuffs I never leave home without. ...GEEZ!!! I forgot to pack my toothbrush, BVD's & mouthwash!%$... :>)
  • Bottom line=OS/2-Warp:Becuz OS/2 runs DOS better than DOS & WINv3.x as best it can. That I get a free headset, DOS, WINv3.x & more OS/2 CDRoms's (DOOMII, LotusNotes etc etc) than I have time for is almost too much fatty frosting on the cake. ...
  • Add a dash of 4DOS & 4OS2: IMHO nobody, but nobody makes a PC operating system run better than Tom_Rawson & the folks at JP_Software. [Sidebar: 4DOS is a super-set for COMMAND.COM while 4OS2 is the same for OS/2's CMD.EXE. Both are shareware & add features Microsoft & IBM coulda built in. JPS built a better mousetrap!! ... Get it! Try it! And pay da price$ ... Trust me.]

  • Make your COM ports sing with Ray_Gwinn: Nothing ruins my day like a COM port that honks like my nose with daFlu. RG's SIO clears my ports. [Sidebar: Why the biggies (MSFT & IBM) didn't build in a SIO or make Ray_Gwinn an offer he couldn't refuse is beyond me. All I know is: "Thank you, Ray_Gwinn. You da man!!!

  • In a time & place far away, just give me an RJ-11, a toll-free Compuserve#, FaxWorks, NetScape, TAPCIS & iLink/2: 'Cuz with them I'm a happy camper. Although a wahine who sparkles like a hope diamond at 3am could change my plans. :-) Compuserve gets me in reliably, I need Faxworks for ... uhh ... faxes; TAPCIS lets me download all my Email & forum msgs in just a few minutes. Netscape don't need no WINbloat and iLink/2 is an OS/2 DialOtherInternetProvider (DOIP) replacement.