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In the spirit of the nineteen sixties (1960s), our class: (a) Refused to wear 'those cap & gown uniforms'. We dressed up in classy blue blazers & beautiful white holoku. And begat a Punahou tradition that still lives. (b) Last to grad in the gym instead of NBC (where dat?). (c) Had an earth-friendly year book before cotton was inStyle. Seen an India Madras yr book yet, anyone? & (d) More we forget already. … Which is why [sigh], we will forever be Punahou's Class Act of 196 FORE:)!... In your life, try remember always to:

NEWS: Time flies, don't it [sigh]?

Class Act Of '64 in '04
Sparkling at 2004 LuauJamming
Sparkling at the 2004 Luau; BillyS, FredL & SteveH jamming - "Dizzy" Deane

The Class Act Of '64 in '00
LindaK's 2000 mini-reunion Photo Album NewOn 17-Feb-2001

Class Act Of '64 in '99

Linda K's 35th Reunion Photo Album Updated! On 4-Oct-2000

11-June, Friday: Party Nite at Cheryl's Portlock Party Palace
Lft to Rt: 1) View from Cheryl's Portlock party place. 2) '64 party animals grinding, talking story & listening to the sounds of, 3) Pal 'Mr.Baseball' Eldredge, 4) Our hosts: CherylL & NealT -- Captions & pix by: Dizzy Deane

12-June, Saturday: Punahou Lu'au (Lau-Lau, Poi, Kalua Pig & Ono Stuffs Lahdat)
Top row: Lynn Sherretz, Hoagy Gamble, Fred Lunt, Pat Quilter, Allan Lum, Clancy Lyman, Neal Okabayashi, George Engebretson, Craig Killam, Sheldon Tyau, Larry Frazier. 5th row: (starting behind Wendy Warren): Warner (Rob) Robinson, Gisela Nusspickel (back), Pal Eldredge, Bill Yuen, Peter Lee, Armand Vincent, Susan Arnold, Cory Smart, Andrea Andersen, Diane Mechler. 4th row: (starting between Reenie McDonough & Bill Dick): Fredna Yim (with wreath), Arnold Lum, Jeff Apaka, Nick Prukop, Jack Vellis, Judy Howard, Hal Weidner, Samuel Akui. 3rd row: Kathy Luter, Katy Moragne (elevated), Sue Givens, Wendy Warren, Carolyn Lundquist, Maureen (Reenie) McDonough (with wreath), Bill Dick, Leslie Reile, Demi Rewick, Cathy Werner, Anni Rinehart, Cheryl Lippman, Leigh-Wai Doo. 2nd row: Jeff Nishi, Mike Pietsch, Candice Lee, Karyl McElhany, Ann Newton, Geri Neville, Marilyn Kometani, Susan Dodge, Sylvia Kobayashi, Margo Burlingame, Irene Brown, Gayle Hong (in hat). Bottom row: Shirley-Ann Hee (standing), Kneeling: Geoff Avery, Chuck Boerner, Bill Sage, Linda Katsuki, Wendy Willers, Brian Daily, Petra Leilani Akwai, Danny Lyman, Alvin Ho.-- Photo by: Pictureman

Left to Right: (1) Wendy (Warren) Wagner & Sue (Givens) Finneran in horror as paramedics struggle to secure straight jacket on Bill Sage following bizarre Hilo Hattie impersonation & striptease disruptes singing of Oahu'a (2)Laurel Murphy & Carolyn (Lundquist) Toland get a Papal blessing from His Holiness, Bill Sage before diving into ono kau kau, (3) Award winning photographer, Star Black, on the other end of the lens, (4) Newly weds Cheryl Lippman & Neil Tomita -- Captions & Pix by: Bill Dick

13-June, Sunday: Malaekahana Family & Friends Day
Left to Right: (1) Bill Carter & Karyl (McElhaney) Barnes reminisce about hi-school politics &cheer leading, (2) Hawaiian Stink Eye virtuoso, Danny Lyman with towel,demonstrates technique for Mainland classmates. (3) Bruce "Speedo" Lagareta instructs an all-wahine water safety class at Pietsch's Malaekahana country home (4) Picnic party animals: Bill Dick, Dennis Blair & wife, Diane (Everett), Ann (Rinehart) Gowman, Karyl (McElhaney) Barnes & Laurel Murphy -- Captions & Pix by: Bill Dick

Class Act of '64 in '89New On 21-Nov-2000

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