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Class Act of '64


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16-Aug-2005: Added announcement about changing web hosts (where these pages are) - The host domain was changed from to 11-Feb-2005: Minor wording changes 31-Jan-2005: Add to News & Announcements section: - Link to our new old archive page. - Scoopsde64.PDF from our Listmaster. - Other minor changes. 27-Jan-2005: Small kine webmaster changes:
18-Jan-2005: Minor changes: - Change some names&emails to try stop "phishers" & ID theives. 11-Jan-2005: Minor webmaster changes: - Update copyright date from 2004 to 2005 - Kill EWG's dead link - Upgrade BillD's Ofoto link.
01-Nov-2004: Minor wording changes
29-Oct-2004: Add Koby's PDF & link to News&Announcements
Other minor changes
27-Oct-2004: Add to News&Announcements: BrianK's obiturary by Koby in PDF
Other minor wording changes on various webpages
25-Aug-2004: Added to News & Announcements (sorry to be so long winded, but ...):
- Promote RickF's CD which is a labor of love. Mahalo, RickF.
Note: (a) To see RickF's EMail, you need Adobe Acrobat PDF (PortableDocumentFormat) software or clone.
Most modern computers come with Acrobat installed, so click on the link. AND only if that fails,
download the software FREE from . BELIEVE ME, YOU NEED IT!!
(b) For a great FREE PDF tool on Windoze, Google "PDF Creator" (with the quotes!). PDFCreator will
make the promise of the "paperless office" come true. I suggest you download, install & try it! Then
always, *always* have backup to CD or DVD, because paperless without backup is a disaster waiting.
- Beware of "Phisers" **SECURITY ALERT**. Be advised "someone" (not EWG) EMailed me a msg looking exactly
like it was from our ListMaster, but it was NOT! **DANGER** This means a "Phisher" is throwing their fishing
 nets & collecting EMail addresses even on our website. The good news is Y.O.U. should be safe. Only me, our
List & Newsmaster & BillD were hit. The bad news is: "If in doubt abt any EMail from a classmate, EMail or fone
direct & ask. NEVER, EVER REPLY, ANSWER OR BUY with any private information like SocSec# etc etc."
Note: (a) Until we know how to stop these "phishers" which seems impossible, BE VERY CAREFUL.
(b) If you (or anyone) knows how to stop these "spammer/terrorists" & only them, pls EMail me ASAP.
(c) Until there is an answer, I (your WebMaster) will use initials or FirstName+Initial instead of
full names where I can.
(d) And link to like PDFs which, I pray, can not be "Phished".
- Last words abt the above: Some people have Google'd for their friends (our classmates) & EMailed me because
my EMail address is public. And if I know our classmates EMail, I forward it. This is "good", I feel. Even
if full names (as in our class pictures), result in "Google hits". At least it gets our ohana connected.
What do you guys think? Should we have full names in our class pix or just cryptic initials & "cave in" to
hackers, terrorists & phishers <sorry, you can tell where I stand>? Wotta you think?
02-Jul-2004: Upgrades:
- Added a link to the FREE "Live Aloha" bumper sticker.
- Added News&Announcement for the above. Thank to my nephew GEOFF.
- Added "Quick&Dirty" links to EWG's & BillDick's albums.
28-Jun-2004: Added our ListMaster (EWG) as a photo repository.
21-Jun-2004: Added:
- Sparkle & jamming pix
18-Jun-2004: Updates since <sigh> yesterday:
  - Minor wording changes.
16-Jun-2004: Added:
- Madras yr book factoid
- Class Act of '64 in '04 section
- N&A abt our 40th & downgrade history stuffs.
- CherylL's Neil's last name.
02-Jun-2004: Minor changes.
18-May-2004: Add "Last RC Mtg" to our N&A. Tanx LindaK
Other minor changes.
13-May-2004: Minor fixes
11-May-2004: Minor wording changes 03-May-2004: Add our ListMaster's (EWG) great EMail to our website
Add a clear link to our EMail to our N&A
Upgrade the wording on our homepage
Downgrade Click-on section
Upgrade News&Announcements (N&A)
08-Apr-2004: Change News&Announcements from red alert to black.
Other minor changes
08-Mar-2004: Add our rescheduled RC mtg to News&Announcements. (Tanx, LindaK, for reminding me.)
Fix my [geez, diz!] html coding errors.
Other minor changes.
02-Mar-2004: Minor wording changes
19-Feb-2004: Add 26-Feb ReunionCommittee date & more to our N&A. Sorry, LaurenA & CherylL, but
"Manoa mansion" & "Portlock party palace" sounded good to me : -- DizzyDeane
Other minor changes.
17-Feb-2004: Add to News&Announcements: 40th Reunion News
10-Feb-2004: Add to News&Announcements: 40th Reunion News EMail per Ellen (Wheeler) Guest
Other minor changes
18-Jan-2004: Add: 40th ReunionCommittee mtg on 29-Jan to our N&A per LindaK
Other minor changes as needed
04-Aug-2004: Added Yahoo!Groups changes to our News&Annoucements (N&A)Other minor changes

03-Aug-2003: Added Emailing our ListMaster (EllenWG) to News&Announcement (N&A)
Other minor webmaster wording changes.
02-Aug-2003: Made "manini" (small) changesm.
14-Jul-2003: Fixed minor webmaster stuffs, ie:
(a) Legalese coding was bad.
(b) Reduced the font sizes for section headings.
(c) Minor wording changes
01-Jul-2003: Changed the following:
(a) Upgraded TheCounter to premium$. Donations accepted :)
(b) Added a "clickable link" to
(c) Other minor changes as needed.
30-Dec-2002: Minor fixes
29-Sep-2002: Added the HNLAdvertiser story about ALum to Announcements & News
Note: I need to get a new Scanner. Sorry for the lack of changes.
02-Jun-2002: Minor wording changes while I (the webmaster) try to get my Scanner up & running again.
12-Mar-2001: Changed our free counter from to
- 'Cuz wants $$$: --, GET A GRIP ON REALITY!! :)
Other minor wording changes
17-Feb-2001: Changed the following:
- Created LindaK's 2000 mini-reunion Photo Album page
- Added LindaK's 2000 mini-reunion Photo Album link to our homepage
- Replaced ParaChat with Punahou64 link
- Upgraded the News & Announcements
- Other minor changes
21-Nov-2000: Added 12/23 Xmas party/reunion appointment to our News & Announcements
Added credit to ParaChat© to the Legalese
Moved 1989 pic to its own webpage to reduce needless scrolling
Other minor changes
06-Nov-2000: Added Chat link to our page (Note: The linked page has important info)
Minor wording changes
02-Nov-2000: Minor changes for a "prettier" display with the Win/9x browsers
- Note: Sorry, gang, I normally use OS/2. Win/9x browsers display the page different.
04-Oct-2000: Updated LindaK's page by:
- (a) Putting DannyL's captions beneath groups of pix instead of at the bottom
- (b) Adding clickable links to sections of pix at the top of the page
- (c) Other minor, cosmetic & editing changes
Other minor updates
24-Aug-2000: Killed the old, 1999 News&Announcements to save space
Added Xmas2000 party announcement -- RSVP to: John Thurston
Other minor changes
15-Jul-2000: Corrected Sylvia Kobayashi's name from Kobe to Koby,
changed some blank names per LindaK
14-Jul-2000: Added captions by Danny "Aloha" Lyman to Linda Katsuki's 1999 Photo Album
28-Apr-2000: Add a link to Linda Katsuki's 1999 Photo Album
Rebuild class webpage after a dizzy webmaster slip destroyed it on 26-Apr-2000
11-Apr-2000: Minor webmaster & wording changes
Announce Best Dressed of 1964 photo Contest
09-Apr-2000: Minor wording changes to reduce "load time"
08-Apr-2000: Replaced the counter & reset it to 78 since RealWorld's counter seems kaput.
Moved the Mind-it robot to the bottom
Downgraded the News&Announcements to 2pt size
And other minor webmaster changes as needed
18-Jan-2000: Added Potluck 2000 #1 to our News&Announcements
Other minor webmaster changes
11-Dec-1999: Added Mind-it for automatic Email when our webpage changes
Added Live Aloha's bumper sticker to our News&Announcements
Other webmaster changes
15-Oct-1999: Added our Newzmaster: John Thurston
Other minor changes
27-Sep-1999: Added Class Reunion picture with IDs & where to buy info to News
- Mahalo's to our Listmaster, Ellen (Wheeler) Guest.
26-Aug-1999: Fixed Cheryl Lippman's spouse's name. (Mahalo's BillDick)
12-Aug-1999: Minor changes on text & pix for a better presentation
08-Aug-1999: Added the following pix from Bill Dick:
- Sections for 12-Jun-1999 Luau & Malaekahana Family Day
- Bill Dick's pictures & captions for the above sections
Added section for News&Announcements
Added RealWorld Hit Counter to bottom of page
20-Jul-1999: Cosmetic revisions & new changes as follows:
- Added the Punahou Seal (with link) from the Class of 1959 website
- Added Email address add/change file maintenance to Hints&Tips
- Added legalese at bottom of page
- Relocated Web&ListMaster stuff to bottom, added names
- Other minor changes
19-Jul-1999: Changes as follows:
- Removed the pix of Doug Johnson '66 since he wuzn't in our class. Pooh ting.
- Added the factoid that we were the last class to grad in the gym
(Mahalo's plenty, George Engebretson)
- Updated our homepage to prepare for more hits
- Added a link to this page
23-Jun-1999: Added pictures from our 35th at Cheryl Lippman's Portlock party place.
08-Jan-1998: Created page with 1989 25th reunion class picture